My Role in Transformers: Age of Extinction

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Getting ready in my trailer for my close up on the set of transformers

Yes that’s really me in my trailer on the set of Transformers: Age of Extinction (Click here for Trailer) I was so worried that my role would end up on the cutting room floor, but I am in the final version of the blockbuster, starring Mark Walhberg.

“It was very surreal to sit in the private screening with the cast and crew this evening in Los Angeles and see myself on screen alongside some of the most talented and well-known actors/actresses.”

“I’m looking forward to being able to build on this incredible experience and encounter different roles on future projects.”

I play the role of a spokesperson for Kinetic industries in the action film in a commercial playing on a screen at the company’s headquarters.

Jessica Gomes Black and White Series

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Photographer Henrik Purienne

Photographer Henrik Purienne

Photographer Pierre Toussaint

Photographer Pierre Toussaint

Photographer Pierre Toussaint June 10 2004

Photographer Pierre Toussaint June 10 2004

Three photos and three different look from two great photographers.

Interview with Bonberi

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I recently sat down with Nicole Berrie from Bonberi, a curated guide devoted to food, fitness and well-being. Here is an excerpt from that interview. Click here to read the entire interview.

IT’S HAPPENED TO ALL OF US. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue hits newsstands and the self-scrutiny begins. How did she get those abs? They shot Kate Upton where? Nobody looks that good in an all-painted G-string! Yes, it seems the unearthly goddesses splashed across the centerfolds of the hotly anticipated annual issue are exactly what they seem, unearthly. But for model Jessica Gomes, an S.I. veteran, she couldn’t have her feet planted more firmly on solid ground. “I don’t fucking care about being super thin,” deadpans the Perth-born Aussie model over iced almond milk lattes at Irving Farm in the Lower East Side.

Clad in ripped Nobody jeans, a hot pink Fendi crossbody bag and Saint Laurent trainers, Gomes looks every bit the supermodel that she is. “You look better when you’re just happy and not stressing,” she continues. “That’s the biggest problem for girls is the stress level. They’re just never happy with themselves. If you’re too crazy about it, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.” When the half Chinese, half Portuguese beauty is not jetting to far-flung destinations for shoots, Gomes loves frequenting the farmer’s market and going for hikes through Runyon Canyon near her home in Los Angeles. Below, we caught up with the LA-based stunner on her beauty and health secrets, favorite recipes, not to mention her month-out plan to looking bikini-shoot ready.

About Bonberi – We have tirelessly scoured the globe for the best juice bars, healthy restaurants, fitness experts and more to provide a comprehensive look into the world of wellness.

Things I Like

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Pop into David Jones to see the latest collection of talulah_label davidjonesstore


Pop into David Jones or visit them online to see the latest collection of TALULAH label designs. This dress is part of their Shining Light collection. This is the True Love Dress (Above). Check out more at TALULAH

Merci Hayley Bonham for my beautiful Maison de L’amour candle. Smells divine! Perfect for a rainy night in.

Merci Hayley Bonham Creative Director at Bonèl Pr for my beautiful Maison Damore candle. Smells divine! Perfect for a rainy night in.

Thanks to thebeachpeople for my beautiful bag! Perfect for farmers market.

Thanks to the beach people for my beautiful bag! Perfect for farmers market.

Margaret Zhang Photoshoot for David Jones Green Brands

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