Happy AUSTRALIA day!

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Sunday Life January 27 2014

Happy AUSTRALIA day! Thank you Sunday Life Magazine, , Chic Management, Lexsie Elliot and David Jones Store .

Styling: Penny McCarthy

Wearing: Josh Goot “Swim Scoop” bodysuit.

Photography: Trevor King

Makeup: Charlie Kielty 

Hair: Brad Mullins

Art direction: Eliza Iredale

Place: Bondi Beach

Surfboard: Surf Empire

It’s another blissful weekday at Bondi Beach. Beneath clear, sunny skies, backpackers and tourists laze on the sand or stroll on the promenade with ice-creams. Surfers and swimmers bob about in the ocean and children build sandcastles at the water’s edge. But there is someone working amid this seaside idyll. Hands on hips, with her enviable figure poured into a Josh Goot bodysuit, Jessica Gomes expertly swivels her body this way and that as she poses for her Sunday Life cover shoot.

With her exotic beauty – her mother is Chinese and her father is Portuguese – it’s no surprise that Gomes has worked with some of the best in the business. Vogue, Glamour, Italian GQ and Teen Vogue – she’s done them all. Her campaigns include Victoria’s Secret, Adidas, Gap and DKNY Denim, but she’s best known for her six appearances in the famous swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated.

My Diet and Exercise Secrets

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Jessica Gomes. © The Australian Women's Weekly. Photographed by Peter Brew-Bevan.

Thought you might enjoy this article published in Australian Women’s Weekly magazine.


Smouldering Australian model Jessica Gomes has already had a dazzling start to 2014, stealing the show at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition 50th anniversary party just a day after making the cover of The Australian Women’s Weekly Health magazine.

Here, the 28-year-old from Perth, who is the face of David Jones, reveals some of the secrets to her success.


Jessica eats to nourish rather than deprive herself and is a big fan of brown rice, green vegetables and quinoa. Here’s a typical day of meals:

Breakfast: Blueberries or sliced mango with Greek yoghurt or a fruit smoothie with added protein and vitamin supplements. And a good coffee. Alternatively, poached or scrambled eggs with avocado, salmon or good quality bacon.

Lunch: Kale salad with some white fish or a chopped salad with chicken. At least three times a week, cold-pressed green juices too.

Dinner: Grilled salmon with spinach and a little bit of mashed potato or sweet potato. If she feels like a splurge, steak and fries.


Variety is key for Jessica, who listens to her body when it comes to exercise rather than punishing herself with strenuous daily workouts.

Her personal trainer works her hard when she’s up for it but, she says, “when I feel I want a more gentle exercise we do Pilates and yoga. I love to sweat it out in the gym and also to get out and hike and do walks”.

And she’s an enthusiastic proponent of massage and pampering too.


Despite having a world of expensive anti-ageing creams and artful make-up at her fingertips, Jessica keeps things simple in the bathroom.

Her daily regime is “oil cleansing, foam cleansing, toning and moisturising”, supplemented by a weekly mask and a monthly deep cleansing and facial.

And despite the pressures of her industry, Jessica is not tempted by cosmetic surgery. She prefers a natural look. “I think it just makes people look the same and not different,” she says. “It scares me.”

Jessica on the cover of The Weekly's health special