Six burning questions for … Jessica Gomes

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Six burning questions for ... Jessica Gomes1. You’ve been in swimsuit issues of Sports Illustrated, you’ve had a reality TV show in Korea … what’s been your craziest moment of fame?

Definitely in Korea – I was getting mobbed on the street. It was crazy.

2. Did modelling give you confidence or make you self-conscious?

It was hard for me as a teenager. As I’ve grown into a woman, I have a different perspective of my body; I’m so positive about it.

3. You’ve got acting aspirations. Did you always feel like you could be an actress?

I’m very real with myself, so when I first sat down with my manager, I was like, ”Seriously, do you think I can act?” She said, ”Yes, you can.”

4. What’s your dream role?

I’d love to be a Bond girl.

5. Who has made you starstruck?

I’ve met Beyonce, and she’s so lovely. At the Vanity Fair [Oscar] party, I was like, ”Oh my God, Quentin Tarantino is standing at the bar.”

6. Have you got any kooky skills that people don’t know about?

I know how to race cars. I learnt at the Grand Prix.

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